My real-world name is József Koller but I’m also known as “orosznyet” or “onet”. My mother gave me life in 1991 in the capital city of Hungary and since then I live here. At this moment I’m working as freelancer which is really great in many aspects but in the near future I’d rather be a member of a developer group. I consider myself a detail-oriented, perfectionist and forward-thinking developer. I always keep in mind that the products I make might be updated in the future (by myself or somebody else) therefore I’m always trying to create maintainable code.

As a human being I was always curious about things I don’t understand 100% and when I found out how to talk with machines I was thrilled. When I see something I don’t know on the web, in a software or in a game the first thing I usually ask is: “How does this work?”. This is the reason why I think that my knowledge is up to date about modern techniques. I’m interested in “desktop” languages as well but my priority is web development.

My Field

Despite the CSS and HTML is the most common markup language I know many features that has not been used properly and I also know many which is rarely used but can significantly improve the total performance of a website. JavaScript is also fairly common scripting language but most of the people can’t create fast and efficient code unlike me. Developers should always keep in mind that end-user hardware configuration can be slow therefore the code should be as effective as possible. (Fallback mechanisms are also important.)

On the server-side I basically use the good old “PHP and MySQL” combination. PHP has been criticized for many different reasons but in the last few years it has evolved a lot and the developers patched many lacking aspects of the language. Unlike many other languages PHP tries to catch up with the real developers on syntax level, not just on “library and function” level. MySQL is one of most popular database management system alongside the PHP. I know many people does not really care about the database structure but a well thought out structure can help the further development and make the database requests much more easier and faster. PHP and MySQL combination is a good choice for almost everyone who wants to available on the web.


The languages I use the most on professional level.

  • PHP (including the latest version)
  • MySQL
  • CSS & HTML (including edge versions)
  • JavaScript

Some of the libraries and frameworks I use. (Excluding those I use rarely.)

  • WordPress (for the fastest development)
  • Laravel (for more advanced websites)
  • jQuery
  • AngularJS
  • Backbone
  • Underscore
  • Modernizr (it’s great for fallback mechanisms)
  • Twitter Bootstrap (for little quick websites)
  • Smarty & Mustache (mostly the second one
  • LessCss (only for development)
  • + I have my own utilities which I’ve made under the years.

I’m familiar with the following APIs (including server and client sides)

  • Google APIs
  • Facebook API
  • Twitter API
  • Soundcloud API
  • Other APIs shouldn’t cause any problem.

Used softwares when I’m developing

  • Sublime Text (with tons of plugins)
  • Total Commander & FileZilla
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator (on amateur level)
  • SourceTree (GUI client for GIT which supports Github and Bitbucket)
  • Putty (for SSH)
  • Team Viewer (mostly for troubleshooting).