About me

My real-world name is József Koller and I’m from Hungary. At this moment I’m working as full-time employee at a lovely company and I’m working on other self-made projects in my spare time. As a human being I was always curious about things that I don’t understand and that’s why I’ve got into programming at the first place when I was a young teenager. Since then a lot has change but one thing remained the same: I’m still curious.

I’ve started with full-stack web development then started focusing on back-end development but I’m more into hardware closed things these days but I’m jst starting.

It’s important to state that I’ve never been in uni/college so I’m a self-taught programmer and most of my knowledge comes from practice rathen than books.

Technologies and fields:

  • JavaScript ~ 6 years
  • NodeJS / ES6/ TypeScript ~ 1 year
  • PHP5/PHP7 ~ 6 years: Former wordpress developer
  • Laravel ~ 3 years
  • And all the other basic stuff: SCRUM, Git, CI & CD, TDD