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Github-like headings in WordPress within few minutes

Written by on November 29, 2013 in Work

First of all GitHub is awesome, that’s what we all know so let’s get straight to the point. One of my favorite features is that link thing next to each heading, few days ago I thought it would be nice for my blog too. I’ve found many related plugins but none of them succeed to met my requirements. I wanted a small, efficient and smart plugin which will not update my database with tons of unused classes and HTML tags so I’ve made it on my own and now it’s available for anybody (for free).

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Regenerate thumbnails in WordPress

Written by on October 11, 2013 in Work

Last week I finished a project with thousand images (few hundreds megabytes which is basically unimportant) when I suddenly realized that almost each image file is way larger than it is necessary. For example why I should use a 150×150 image as a 50×50 sideshow thumbnail? Plus there was one more resolution for featured images. So I decided to add those two dimensions to optimize page load speed – this was the easy part. Assuming you’ve already faced with this story you might know that adding  new image resolution will not generate new images automatically.

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